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The Nissan ARIYA Is Ready to Hit the Road

Nissan has designed a brand-new model that many of our customers in Garden City, NY are sure to appreciate. The ARIYA is an all-electric SUV that's going to attract a lot of attention around Freeport, NY because of its capability, range, sleek style and convenient interior features.


This new ARIYA SUV relies only on an electric powertrain. It can either be built with a 66-kWh battery or a 91-kWh battery, and the vehicle can use a single motor or a twin-motor system. That twin-motor system is called e-4ORCE, and it provides the ARIYA with all-wheel-drive capability. With all-wheel drive, the Nissan can show exceptional handling and responsiveness. The system monitors how each wheel is doing and makes the necessary adjustments in order to improve the driving experience.

The standard powertrain gives you 238 horsepower, which is already great. When everything is optimized and the vehicle has e-4ORCE all-wheel drive, then it could make up to 389 horsepower. It can reach 60 mph in as little as 4.8 seconds, so the ride can definitely be exciting.

The ARIYA can be charged at your home or at a public charging station around Hempstead. You can use an app on your smartphone to schedule the best time to charge your vehicle at home, such as when electricity costs might be lower. Through the Intelligent Route Planner program, you'll be able to keep track of how much range you have left and can find charging stations that are convenient to visit. The ARIYA is compatible with Level 2 charging stations as well as DC Quick Charging stations.

The exact range of the new Nissan ARIYA depends on a few factors. Each configuration has a slightly different range than the others. The best range that the SUV can have is around 300 miles. That can be achieved with the Venture trim with front-wheel drive and the extended range battery. Most other trims can do almost as well in this regard. On the lower end of the spectrum, there's the Engage trim. It uses the smaller engine and offers up to 215 miles of range.


You can feel confident behind the wheel of the Ariya. That's because this SUV can look out for potential problems and help you avoid certain kinds of accidents. It can hit the brakes if it detects an imminent collision with another vehicle, an obstacle, or a pedestrian, and it can also bring itself to a stop if you're about to back into something as you're trying to navigate a Westbury parking lot. Blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert are standard, and they come with mitigation systems to help you keep out of harm's way. Further, the ARIYA can come with the ProPILOT 2.0 system. This offers a hands-free driving experience on certain stretches of highway.


The cabin of the Nissan ARIYA is sophisticated and spacious. It has a maximum cargo capacity of nearly 60 cubic feet, and it has plenty of rear-seat legroom. The available panoramic moonroof can make the cabin feel even more open. In terms of technology, there's a lot to like. There are two 12.3-inch digital screens and smartphone integration is standard through Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. Plus, the ARIYA features available natural voice recognition, Alexa and navigation.

Reach out to us at Nissan of Garden City for more information about the new Nissan ARIYA or about our new Nissan specials. We'd be happy to answer your questions and get you more details on specific trims. Reservations are now open, so we'd recommend that you consider putting your name on the list so that you can be one of the first to drive the new ARIYA around Garden City, NY.