Lease a Nissan in Hempstead, NY

Learn More About Leasing at Nissan of Garden City

Learn more about leasing a Nissan here at Nissan of Garden City

If you're like a lot of drivers here in Garden City, NY, you're intrigued by our new Nissan models and you're wondering what the most cost-effective way to get behind the wheel of one is. Well, if you come to our Garden City, NY Nissan dealership, you'll find that one of the most affordable options for many of our new Nissan models is a lease.

Why should I lease a new Nissan near Westbury?

Leasing is only a financing option for new Nissan models, but in many cases, it offer lower monthly payments than financing a comparable vehicle with a car loan. Plus, in many cases, you won't have to make a sizable down payment to lease a new Nissan, and you'll enjoy Nissan New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage during the term of the lease.

How do I get a new Nissan lease?

To lease a new Nissan car, all you'll need to do is get in touch with us here at Nissan of Garden City. Just pick out the model and trim you're most interested in leasing or buying and make sure to apply for financing online to save yourself time. You can also get an estimate on your current car's trade-in value to see how much you can afford for a down payment, which can reduce your Nissan lease monthly payments in the long run. You can even take advantage of our vehicle exchange program to ensure you see similar monthly payments to your current vehicle when you lease a new Nissan.

Where can I return my Nissan lease near Syosset, NY?

Right here at our dealership! We make Nissan lease returns easy, and we'll explain your options to you. You can either lease a newer model, buy the model you leased, or simply turn in your keys and walk away. Don't forget to browse our new Nissan specials for more lease deals!

To learn more about new Nissan leases, get in touch with us here at Nissan of Garden City

We're always eager to help so feel free to reach out to our Nissan team with leasing questions today!